Creating a Universe

“Very spirited, creative and ‘can do! She is going to create a new universe where we can all live.” – Tasha Child, Arts Officer (Music)

The first time Aowen visited the University of Bath for this project was March 2018. After meeting the Edge team she reached out and met with several people on campus. Some might become a crucial part of the project, others will be good help and advice on the journey – all were very enthusiastic about the artist and her vision: collaborating to creating an experimental art experience to the public: Visualising the Emotional Experience of Exercise.

The project is far away from the final art work at the moment, which is not a negative state to be in within the art world. As with studies and scientific research, the research phase for a big collaboration project like this might take years… one step at a time!

After an informal chat with some Mandarin-speaking students looking around the Edge exhibition, Aowen met Leon Watts and Olivia Ruston. Leon is supervising Olivia with her current research into digital wearables: What if the clothes we wear reacted, flashed with light as we find ourselves in a social situation, to indicate our relationships with others? Could this be a good thing or will we be too scared to enter rooms and talk to people if everybody could see our shoulder patch blinking with anxiety – or maybe joy?

Christof Lutheroth‘s current project was definetly worth a look; Aowen wants to try it out on her next visit: the exergame. You sit on a bike with a virtual reality headset that simulates you cycling on a sometimes more sometimes less busy street. How do you react? – is it a stressful experience, will everybody be the same or will different people have various reactions? This project is currently being connected with sensores, that can give live feedback during the experience.

Most importantly, it was worth seeing the Sports and Training ViIlage at the University of Bath as Aowen wants to collaborate with athletes and hear about their experience. Richard Turner was so kind to give Aowen an extensive tour of the facilities and ended up being as enthusiastic about the project as we at the Edge are!

April: Games and wearables are waiting, the Sport Science lab needs to be investigated and what do they actuallt do at the department of Health?         #AowenJin