Behind the Beats

A member of the University of Bath’s Aquapella since 2016, Michael Colman introduces us to the art of beatboxing in the first of this series of How To Beatbox videos.

Episode references:


Edinburgh Fringe 2019 | Aquapella

Sex Education – Season 2, Episode 1

Featured Beatboxers:
Midé Naike (@midenaike)
Ben Morris (@bennyk4099)


Vocal Percussion and Beatboxing

NaPoM | Roll Like This

Shivapriya & BR Somashekar Jois | Konnakol Duet | MadRasana Unplugged

Mithushan Sivagurunathar (@s_mithushan)

Teaching Eefing: The Fine Art of Hillbilly Beatboxing

World’s First Beatboxing Champion in 1938

RAHZEL | Grand Beatbox Battle Showcase 2018

BIGMAN | Closer (Beatbox Cover)

BERYWAM vs BEATBOX HOUSE | Fantasy Battle | World Beatbox Camp

History of Beatboxing

RAHZEL | Grand Beatbox Battle Showcase 2018

Human Beatbox articles:
– Part 1: The Pre-History of Beatboxing
– Part 2: History of Beatbox: Old School
– Part 3: The New Skool

The Bronx in the 80’s

[IMAGE] The Roland TR 808

[IMAGE] The ELI CompuRhythm CR-7030 Beat Box

Beatbox History: Doug E Fresh – @humanbeatboxdotcom Instagram (credit: Old School Hiphop 1986)

Dj Kool feat Biz Markie & Doug E. Fresh – Let Me Clear My Throat (Original video 1996)


Rahzel – Make The Music 2000

Korean Beatboxer ‘Bigman’ Daeung Yun Wows Ellen

Berywam: This Beatboxing Group Will SHOCK You! – America’s Got Talent 2019

Swissbeatbox YouTube Channel

ELDERS REACT TO BEATBOX (TWO.H) [Beatbox meme] (This isn’t a serious source, I just used it to provide some background footage. It has no educational value)

We Speak Music | Episode 4 | When Art Meets Therapy

TOMAZACRE | Grand Beatbox Battle 2019 | Solo Elimination

In the second of his How To Beatbox videos, Aquapella’s Michael Colman goes over the basics.

Next up, Michael shows us some new sounds: snares.

Episode references:

Clip taken from Whiplash (2014)

The Hellcats | Pratt – Drum Corps on Parade

It’s all about that bass…

In the last of this video series, Aquapella’s Michael Colman shows off some tricks of the trade!

Extra resources:


80Fitz Tutorial Series
This is the series of tutorials I started with when I was learning new tricks, in case anyone wanted to see where I picked up some of my earliest tips and pointers.

The Sons of Pitches
One of the beatboxers I showed a clip of in the first episode, Midé Naike, is also part of a group in the UK called the Sons of Pitches, who, among being one of the best groups in the UK, release tutorials on arranging and beatboxing.

Human Beatbox “Learn to Beatbox”
Human Beatbox has loads of articles teaching sounds, beat patterns and other parts of beatboxing which can be really helpful.

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