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Fun and friendly activities designed to help you spend precious time together creating, learning and being inspired.


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Celebrating the benefits of having a ‘creative edge’ through the voices of artists and researchers.

Special Events

Let's Talk About Race

Let's Talk About Race is a series of student-led sessions to learn more about and discuss race issues in the UK.


Visions of Science

We are thrilled to announce that Visions of Science is back. This exciting art prize, presented by The Andrew Brownsword Gallery at the University of Bath, is awarded to submissions that reflect, represent, capture or depict modern-day scientific phenomena as studied by academics at the University’s Faculty of Science.


Creative Spotlight: Ways of Looking

Exploring ways to look, think and find a voice to talk about art.


How is creativity impacting your wellbeing?

Creativity opens up endless opportunities to take more time for ourselves in an ‘always-on’ world.

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