Leo Shi

My piano journey started when I was 6.

Pianist Leo Shi is studying MMath Mathematics at the University of Bath and has been selected as an Arts Scholar for 2018-19. Leo shares how music became a part of his life, who inspires him and who he is collaborating with for Platform, the annual scholarship showcase.

What is your background in your chosen art form?

My piano journey started when I was 6. I got interested in it after my parents took me to my first concert, and that performance is one that stayed with me. So far, I’ve achieved an ARSM diploma in piano, and performed at the Royal Albert Hall as the finale for MFY 2016 with the Wessex Youth Orchestra.

What are you working on ahead of Platform?

For Platform, we have been preparing two separate pieces of music. The first one is Sicilienne by Faure, which will involve a cello, flute, and piano, and the second will be a trio for violin, cello and piano.

If you are collaborating with other students tell us a bit about the process and how it’s going?

I am currently working with Theresa and Taalia for the Sicilienne, and with Taalia and Catrina for the second piece.

Do you find any links between your creativity and your course? 

There are a few links between my chosen art form and my course, though it is mostly music in general that has some overlap with maths. Some of the mathematics that can be found in the foundations of music, such as scales and keys, have been quite interesting to read into.

What/Who inspires, influences or drives you?

My inspirations would probably be Yundi and Debussy. Yundi is probably my favourite pianist, it truly feels as if the music comes alive when he’s playing. As for Debussy, all the music he composes are so thoughtful and filled with feelings, and my role as a player is to draw out and display all the intricacies that he has put in.

We’d like to thank Grace McQuaid for the generous support for this Arts Scholarship.


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