An Artist Film Playlist by curator Will Cooper

Will Cooper, Curator of Contemporary Programmes & Special Projects has put together a playlist of artist films to help isolation pass.

I’ve been spending time over the last two weeks thinking about artworks that I have either not been able to see because of the current climate, or works that have been (re)presented to me because of the current climate. Hopefully, this playlist of artist film projects will bring you the same solace that they have brought me in this strange old time.Will Cooper

INAATE/SE/ [it shines a certain way. to a certain place/it flies. falls./], 2016, 71 min [co-directed by Adam Khalil and Zack Khalil]


First up is Adam and Zach Khalil’s masterpiece INAATE/SE/ [it shines a certain way. to a certain place./it flies. falls./] (2016) which was on show at our friends’ Obsidian Coast in nearby Bradford on Avon.

The hour-long film explores the artists’ Ojibway heritage and retells the Seven Fires Prophecy. It is a strange, magical film which tells a story unfamiliar with many in the West but one that is important to understand as we look to decolonise histories.

Heather Phillipson’s put the goat in the goat boat (2014), is filling the void left by the postponement of her Fourth Plinth commission which was due to open last week. Put on hold until its cool for us all to leave the house again, in the meantime, we can be reminded of how wonderful her work is with this vid.

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Header image credit: Detail of still from put the goat in the goat boat, 2014

During lockdown, ArtReview are working to ease our boredom by releasing a different artist film every week. Turner Prize winner Laure Prouvost’s Shed a Light, like Heather’s film, touches on the power of nature, the threat of global warming but, again like HP’s work, with a lightness delivered through the artists’ narration. An important work for these weird times.

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Still from Sunrise with Sea Monsters, Myles Painter, 2019, 71 min


Myles Painter has released his latest work Sunrise with Sea Monsters on Vimeo.

Tracing personal relationships against big data theory and the thingless-ness of information Myles navigates us through the macro and micro of life in this fab docu-cum-artwork. Keep your eyes peeled for the grey front door of the flat that me and Myles shared some years back.

As the world descends into chaos why not lie down on the floor with the magnificent Bedwyr Williams. His knockout 2014 film Echt on Goldsmiths CCA’s was a particular highlight. I can think of worse ways to go.

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Finally, the brilliant Cécile B Evans has released her trilogy, Amos’ World, on Vimeo. You can get the links from her Instagram account. Well worth a watch whether you can leave the house or not.