Arts Scholars Announced

This academic year we are pleased to award 15 arts scholarships across music, theatre, dance and visual arts.


Thanks to our generous donors, the Arts Scholarship Programme is able to support students who are keen to develop their creative skills alongside their studies. The scholars each receive up to £1,500 as well as invitations to collaborate with like-minded peers. The programme provides opportunities for performing and development through mentoring; working with the University’s Office for the Arts and hand-selected arts professionals to develop their chosen art form further.

On 20 March, each scholar will showcase their work in Platform, University of Bath’s annual showcase which champions the arts. Over the years the event has included spoken word, classical solos and ensembles, jazz duets, dance from ballet to Latin and Ballroom, visual arts exhibitions, and performances of comedy and physical theatre.

This year’s Platform will present an extra special evening, with special guest appearances from outstanding past scholars, returning to celebrate The Edge’s 5th Anniversary Year.

We would like to thank Santander, Nick Berry, Elly Williams, Grace McQuaid, Dorothy Walters-Godfree, and Margaret Dewey for their generous contributions to the arts scholarship programme.


Each year we have been impressed with the plethora of creative talent amongst our students at University of Bath. Our arts team is dedicated to unlocking creativity amongst our community and the scholarships are such an integral part of this. We are incredibly proud that we can support individuals to continue to harness their creativity and achieve something remarkable in their chosen artform. I look forward to seeing what this year brings at Platform 2020Jamie Eastman, Director of Arts

Arts Scholars 2019-20

Alex Simms, MEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering with Space Science & Technology

Andrés López Moreno, MSci (Hons) Mathematics and Physics
Classical Guitar

Anthony Maffei, BSc (Hons) Economics with Placement

Beth Holton, PhD Research Programme in Chemistry

Christian Goodall, MEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering

Eléna Gomez Ochoa, BSc (Hons) International Management

Jeanette Chua, MSci (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science with Professional Placement
Contemporary Dance

Juliette Khoo, BSc (Hons) Architecture
Visual Arts: Mixed Media

Karolina Kukolova, MSc Management

Kate Light, BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science with Professional Placement
Musical Theatre

Octavia Lewis, MEng (Hons) Civil and Architectural Engineering

Pollyanna Burnet-Harris, BSc (Hons) Biology with Professional Placement
Visual Arts: Sculpture

Roya Gharbi, BSc (Hons) Psychology
Musical Theatre

Sofia Kotlarz, BSc (Hons) Psychology

Will Morris, BSc (Hons) Physics with Professional Placement

Image Credits:
Header– Octavia Lewis, photographed by Anna Barclay.
Below – back left to front right: Jeanette Chua, Alex Simms, Kate Light, Will Morris, Eléna Gomez Ochoa, Christian Goodall, Juliette Khoo, Anthony Maffei, Sofia Kotlarz, Beth Holton, Roya Gharbi, Karolina Kukolova, Andrés López Moreno, Pollyanna Burnet-Harris photographed by Anna Barclay.


Our annual arts showcase...


Platform 2020

Edge TheatreThe Edge
Join us for a unique evening showcasing the impressive artistic talents of University of Bath arts scholars and students.

Meet the Scholars

Arts Scholar

Alex Simms

Alex shares his love for music. He tells us how the rhythmic nature of the drums helps with maths and perception of logic.

Arts Scholar

Andrés López Moreno

Andrés shares how his musical journey has led him to realising his dream of becoming an orchestral conductor.

Arts Scholar

Anthony Maffei

Anthony shares his love for music, inspirations and collaborations, as well as what he’s working on for the annual scholarship showcase Platform.

Arts Scholar

Beth Holton

Beth shares her love for music and ensembles and tells us about her passions in supporting and promoting live music.

Arts Scholar

Christian Goodall

Christian shares his love for music, collaboration and inspiration, as well as what he's working on for the annual scholarship showcase Platform.

Arts Scholar

Eléna Gomez Ochoa

Elena tells us about her love for ballet, her rigorous dance training, performances and teaching.

Arts Scholar

Jeanette Chua Wei Shan

Juliette shares how science inspires her dance, and what she’s working on ahead of Platform, the annual arts scholarship showcase.

Arts Scholar

Juliette Khoo Jia Ling

Juliette shares her journey in becoming a visual artist, and what she’s working on ahead of Platform.

Arts Scholar

Karolina Kukolova

Karolina talks about her background in music, achievements and inspirations, as well as what she’s working on ahead of Platform.

Arts Scholar

Kate Light

Kate shares how she's inspired by the cross-collaboration of different artforms.

Arts Scholar

Octavia Lewis

Octavia shares her journey in becoming a classical singer and what she’s working on ahead of Platform.

Arts Scholar

Pollyanna Burnet-Harris

Pollyanna shares how she fuses arts and science in her sculptural practice.

Arts Scholar

Roya Gharbi

Roya shares her love of abstract storytelling, theatre and music.

Arts Scholar

Sofia Kotlarz

Sofia tells us about her passion for theatre, actors who have inspired her and what she's working on for the annual scholarship showcase Platform.

Arts Scholar

Will Morris

Will shares his journey to becoming a Tenor and what he’s working on for the annual scholarship showcase Platform.