Arts Scholars Announced

This year we are pleased to announce the highest number of arts scholarships to date at University of Bath, awarding 18 talented students thanks to our generous donors.

Eloise Tong, Arts Development Manager at the University was impressed by the standard of the eighteen students, ‘2018-19 sees the most diverse range of arts scholars since the University of Bath arts scholarship programme began with students who excel in music, theatre, dance and visual arts. I have been blown away by their exceptional talent, determination to succeed, and motivation.’

Each scholar will also showcase their hard work in this year’s Platform event in March, an annual showcase celebrating our scholars’ talents and championing the arts.

Now in its fourth year, the scholarships programme helps fulfil student’s creative potential alongside their academic studies. The programme provides opportunities and support for students to develop their skills, collaborate across art forms and work with arts professionals to further their expertise.

We would like to thank Santander, Nick Berry, Elly Williams, Grace McQuaid, Dorothy Walters-Godfree, and Margaret Dewey for their generous contributions to the arts scholarship programme.

Arts Scholars 2018-19

Aitor Garcia-Ruiz, PhD Research Programme Physics

Andrés Lopez Moreno, MSci (Hons) Mathematics and Physics
Classical Guitar

Annayah Prosser, MRes Sustainable Futures
Performing Arts

Bas Lodewijks, PhD Research Programme in Statistics

Catrina Pietralla, BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences

Damon Protopapa, MEng (Hons) Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Demetris Ioakim, BSc (Hons) Mathematics

Dominic Macias, PhD Research Programme in Chemistry
Latin & Ballroom

Eléna Gomez Ochoa, BSc (Hons) International Management

Florence Merrett, MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering
Musical Theatre

Jan Kirkham, BA (Hons) Sport & Social Sciences

Leah Garrad, BSc (Hons) Sociology

Maria Carnarius, MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

Pearson Brown, BSc (Hons) Architecture
Visual Arts

Roya Gharbi, BSc (Hons) Psychology
Musical Theatre

Taalia Morgan, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences with Professional Placement

Theresa Allsopp, BA (Hons) Modern Languages and European Studies (German and ab initio Italian)

Yunfeng Shi, MMath Mathematics

Image Credits:
Above – 1. Arts scholar Theresa Allsopp, photograph by Anna Barclay.
Below – 1. Arts scholar Catrina Pietralla photograph by Anna Barclay.  2. Photograph by Dan Innes, arts scholar 2017-18.

Celebrate the talent of our scholars

Arts Scholar Showcase


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Featured Scholar

Arts Scholar

Bas Lodewijks

Saxophonist Bas Lodewijks is studying PhD Research Programme in Statistics at the University of Bath and has been selected as an Arts Scholar for 2018-19.