Behind The Scenes: Digital 'Out of Body' Experience

Behind the Scenes gives you an insight into how our performances and exhibitions are created and why we think you should come and see them. It’s a mix of interviews, video, pictures and insights which opens up the artist’s processes and will enrich your experience before, during or after you visit.

In the early stages of developing Mark Boulos Echo, Forma Arts involved Inition London, a cutting-edge centre of 3D expertise and technology. Inition was invaluable in testing the techniques and technologies available to create the ‘out-of-body’ experience in Boulos’ large-scale video installation.

A series of studio tests, as seen in the images brought members of the public in to gauge the effectiveness of the technologies available. Artist Mark Boulos and Professor Olaf Blanke worked together on Echo to investigate how we experience alienation, agency, freedom, selfhood and otherness.

When Forma asked the participants how they felt after these tests, many agreed they felt a strong sensation of falling, as if their body was moving beyond their control. This was vital in informing the final outcome of the work, soon to be exhibited as part of Mythology, a solo-exhibition of work by Mark Boulos. The exhibition is open April 24 – 31 May 2015, with a preview taking place April 23 6PM – 8PM.

Images Courtesy of Forma Arts and Artist

Many felt a strong sensation of falling…