Behind The Scenes: Sylvia Rimat

Behind the Scenes gives you an insight into how our performances and exhibitions are created and why we think you should come and see them. It’s a mix of interviews, video, pictures and insights which opens up the artist’s processes and will enrich your experience before, during or after you visit.

We caught up with Sylvia in rehearsal for her world premiere of her new show, This Moment Now.  The making of the show involved discussions with our Mathematician-in-Residence David Calderbank who discussed the theory of relativity with her.  In the show Sylvia explores time dilation and the idea that two people can only agree on the speed of time if standing next to each other.  At the beginning of the show, Sylvia will not be in the Weston Studio, but in the Dance Studio at the top of the building, which is the highest point, to talk about how gravity influences time.  The difference is so tiny that an atomic clock wouldn’t notice, but if she stayed there all her life time would go faster for her than for the people below.  She also discussed entropy with Johannes Zimmer from the Dept of Mathematical Sciences.  A teacup scene explores how everything changes into disorder.

Sylvia is joined on stage by drummer Chris Langton who provides the soundtrack to the show.  The two met in Bristol city centre when Chris was playing the drums on his bike trailer.  “The show is about time,” says Chris, “and the drumming is all about keeping time.”

During the show a cockerel, Roger, will make his first ever appearance.  We caught up with his handler from the JC Chicken Farm in Bitton who told us, “It’s the first time he’s ever done anything like this.  He’s normally just walking around being lazy.”  Sylvia told us, “The cockerel was supposed to be in the last show.  A strange time delay has happened and now he’s in this one.”