David Calderbank

David Calderbank is currently our mathematician-in-residence – the first time an academic has been in ‘residence’ at Edge Arts. David began working with artist Sylvia Rimat on her performance project This Moment Now in 2014. The project is about our perceptions of time and David and Sylvia discussed various mathematical/scientific theories of time such as relativity.

David and Sylvia gave an insightful public engagement lunchtime talk on their collaboration in the Autumn and after this conversation, we were inspired to invite him to be our mathematician in residence. We often have artists-in-residence within academic departments, so we thought why not turn this on its head?  David has been given an open brief and will visit the Edge Arts and attend events throughout the season. He will provide a mathematician’s view and more specifically a geometer’s view, on our interdisciplinary programme, engaging in dialogues with artists and acting as a conduit between the existing languages of art and science on campus; as well as between students, researchers and artists. Through conversations and David’s engagement with the programme we will discover together what having a mathematician-in-residence could really mean. We are excited by the possibilities.

David is currently in conversation with Sylvia in the development of her public ‘This Moment Now’ workshop on Sat 21st March.