How is creativity impacting your wellbeing?

Creativity opens up endless opportunities to take more time for ourselves in an ‘always-on’ world. It can offer escapism but it can also give our time a sense of purpose – it can help us learn, introduce us to topics in fascinating ways, and be a therapeutic activity.

At The Edge, we see the impact art has on people every day – from smiling faces in our workshops, to the calm contented visitors that leave the gallery; from motivated minds full from talks and tours to fresh faces relaxed from morning yoga. It makes us realise just how much creativity can impact our wellbeing.

This academic year we launched our rejuvenating Wellbeing programme which complements the creative learning opportunities we’ve been running for years. Adding Yoga, Dance Fit and Latin Fit to our existing offer of Life Drawing, Ballet and Contemporary dance has broadened our programme of classes that aim to inspire, invigorate and motivate. There are creative opportunities for everyone – whether you’re trying to find your calm or wish to feel re-energised with something more fast-paced.


72% of people in the UK use creative activities to help them deal with anxiety or stress, and 63% visit galleries and museums.Research from Calm and Collected, Art Fund


Our gallery programme changes throughout the year and offers a space for contemplation – whether switching on to engage with new topics and ideas or switching off to find a calm tranquillity. Our next exhibition Slow Painting will invite visitors to take their time, valuing the importance of pausing and contemplating. Opening in April and showing work from 19 artists, the exhibition offers a counterbalance to an increasingly accelerating world.


Super relaxed. Just being in the space was a treat. So open and I felt like I was floating mid sky.Freedom Flow Yoga Attender


Committing to time for you…


Collage Workshop with Marian Hill

Art Studio
A creative session experimenting with paper collage.


Restorative Yoga Workshop

Dance Studio
Enjoy a special morning of Restorative Yoga followed by freshly brewed coffee, teas and cakes.

Visual Arts

Life Drawing

Develop observational drawing skills and explore materials and techniques with tutor Caragh Savage.

Visual Arts

Mariner: A painted ship upon a painted ocean

- The EdgeAndrew Brownsword Gallery
Mariner looks at what connects us across history and the present.


Slow Painting

- Andrew Brownsword Gallery
An exhibition of paintings that take their time, and invite us to do the same.

New Programme

Wellbeing Classes

Wake up and rejuvenate with mindful mornings, take some time to re-energize with lunchtime fitness, or find your calm with life drawing classes.

Student Programme

Be Well Week

Free Workshops and Events from 16 - 18 March
We are excited to offer a free programme of creative workshops and activities around the theme of wellbeing.

Lunchtime Sessions

Online Wellbeing Choir

- Online


Pathways to Wellbeing

An innovative project bringing museums, art galleries and mental health & support organisations together, to work in partnership across the city of Bath.