Invitation to Staff & Students at UoB

Could you lead a session during our upcoming exhibition? Share your knowledge with Bath residents and visitors to The Edge as part of  Know-How.

Edge Arts are seeking campus community members keen to lead a workshop, seminar or instructional lecture during the exhibition. Examples of what we’re after include:

– How-To sessions such as ‘How to Programme a Computer’, ‘How to Make a Racing Car’, ‘How to Overcome Loneliness’, ‘How to stop Climate Change’, ‘How to Get Fit on a Budget’

– Informal/formal lectures, tutorials that you/your students are comfortable being held in public (maximum capacity 40 in Gallery 1)

– Active learning sessions for the public that – using The Edge as a hub – also include demonstrations of research elsewhere at the University or field trips to nearby locations within walking distance.

We invite suggestions for sessions from all members of the campus community including students.

Let us know by tweeting #BathKnowHow to @EdgeArtsBath or emailing In all instances taken forward we will consider providing support towards reasonable expenses.


Know-How is a ‘live exhibition’ celebrating the importance of sharing and applying knowledge. It is the first of two exhibitions designed to mark the University of Bath’s 50th Anniversary, with a nod to the 500th anniversary of the 1516 text Utopia by Sir Thomas More in which the writer presents a society who adopt a communality of possessions.

Know-How showcases the applied skills and ‘know-how’ held and generated in the region of Bath and North East Somerset by its community. Across five weeks of talks, demonstrations, lectures, workshops and practical sessions Galleries 1 & 2 at The Edge will house an environment geared towards increasing the number of people ‘in the know’ and to stimulate knowledge sharing.

Events are aimed at anyone with a fondness for self-improvement; so if you’re interested in learning more about the world and increasing practical skills then come along. A timetable of events will be published soon and will include a symposium The Next 50 Years of Knowledge looking at how knowledge might shape our lives by 2066.

Events will frequently be co-ordinated by and showcase the knowledge of local citizens covering topics such as health, democracy, economics, sustainability, furniture-design, sport, construction,entrepreneurship, the natural world and more.