Platform 2018

I love being a Music Scholar, it has encouraged me to keep my music going; something that I was worried would slip at University Octavia Lewis, Vocalist, Violinist, MEng (Hons) Civil and Architectural Engineering


On Friday 9 March, University of Bath students presented Platform in The Edge theatre, a unique showcase of the artistic talent that exists within our student community.

The evening, which included a piano playing physicist, a poetry-writing chemical engineer and a jazz singing mathematician, showcased music, photography and poetry, beginning with an exhibition from Photography Scholars who presented portraits with contrasting themes.


I believe our work must be true to ourselves if it is to genuinely contribute to our lives: that is to say, you cannot paint someone else’s dreams Dan Innes, Photographer, BSc (Hons) Architecture 


The annual showcase continued with a rich diversity of music including classical, experimental and jazz, interweaved with poetry. The theme of the evening was the student experience of moving to University of Bath and forming new artistic communities on campus.

The performance closed with a two-part movement, firstly a piece commissioned by pianist, composer and tutor Edward Bettella which first premiered at the University of Bath’s 50th Anniversary celebrations last May. The second was a final poem – an extract from ‘It started with a car’ which spoke of our Poetry Scholar’s personal experience of moving to university, encapsulating the theme of this year’s show.

The Edge is the University of Bath’s flagship for creativity on campus and has supported the Arts Scholars with their arts excellence programme, as well as helping them prepare for Platform, the programme’s annual showcase. The Arts Scholars have had the opportunity to collaborate with other students and work with industry professionals, such as American saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis and orchestral and choral conductor Philip Draisey. For some the creativity is a release from their studies, whilst others feel it is intrinsically linked.

I’m always impressed by the considerable talent and commitment of our scholars, many of whom find time to perform and create semi-professionally alongside their studies. We believe that students shouldn’t have to side-line their artistic ambitions while studying and we are committed to supporting them throughout their time here at the University through tuition, professional advice and performance opportunities. Jamie Eastman, Director of Arts at University of Bath


Playing an instrument relies on understanding concepts, such as ratios, which are widely used in MathsKatie Stoyle, Violinist, BSc (Hons) Mathematics

The evening demonstrated the impressive talents of our student artists, sparking conversation on the importance of a well-rounded education and the role the arts play in our well-being.

It was a very impressive event, which underlines the importance of the arts at the University. I was struck by the high quality of the performances, and the talent and obvious dedication of the student performers. I am delighted that we support them as a UniversityPeter Lambert, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)

Thank you to our Arts Scholars and supporting artists:
Aitor Garcia Ruiz, Piano – PhD Research Programme in Physics
Andres Lopez Moreno, Classical Guitar – Msci (Hons) Mathematics and Physics
Anthony Maffei, Piano – BSc (Hons) Economics
Ben Selig, Double Bass – Meng (Hons) Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Catrina Pietralla, Violin – BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences
Claire Guest, Spoken Word & Poetry – Meng (Hons) Chemical Engineering
Damon Protapapa, Drums – Meng (Hons) Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Dan Innes, Photography – BSc (Hons) Architecture
Elizabeth Holton, Saxophone – PhD Research Programme in Chemistry
Georgia Blessitt, Voice – BSc (Hons) Mathematics
Jan Kirkham, Photography – BA (Hons) Sport & Social Sciences
Katie Stoyle, Violin – BSc (Hons) Mathematics
Keying Ma, Piano – Meng (Hons) Civil Engineering
Michael Collis, Violin – Meng (Hons) Chemical Engineering
Natasha Jokic, Voice – BSc (Hons) Politics with Economics
Octavia Lewis, Voice/Violin – Meng (Hons) Civil and Architectural Engineering
Rose Yemelyanova, Piano – Mphys Physics
Rosie Oliver, Cello – BSc (Hons) Biology with Professional Placement
Stephen Williams, Bass – Mphys Physics with Research Placement
Theresa Allsopp, Flute – BA (Hons) Modern Languages and European Studies
Yunpeng Li, Piano – MSc Civil Engineering: Innovative Structural Materials
Zorana Krcunovic, Cello – University of Bath Hospitality Staff Member

Thank you to our Arts Scholarship Donors for their generous support:
Elly Williams, Grace McQuaid, Margaret Dewey, Nick Berry, Santander, Walters-Godfree