Platform 2019

A showcase of diverse creative talent

On Friday 22 March, members of the public, special guests and our campus community witnessed the artistic talents of University of Bath’s 2018-19 arts scholars.

As a University well known for its sports and sciences, this annual event is an opportunity for students to share how the arts are also an integral part of their university experience in Bath. The Edge, now in its fourth year, is ever-growing as a hub for creativity for students, staff, visitors to Bath and the local community. A place to engage and participate in the arts.

I really enjoyed the wide range of talent, from sports photographer to ballroom dancer. The passion, dedication and sheer excellence of our scholars was hugely impressive, demonstrating that the arts have a special role to play in our life as an academic community.Steve Egan, Vice President (Implementation) at University of Bath

The evening began in The Edge’s new open plan event space with live music, artist talks and an exhibition of works from our visual arts scholars, followed by music, dance and devised performances in the theatre.

This year’s showcase celebrated the highest number of arts scholars since the programme began and the most diverse range of art forms. Platform included theatrical performances from Psychology and Civil Engineering students, musical compositions from scientists and mathematicians, and an exhibition of photographs from students studying Sociology, Sport & Social Sciences, and Architecture.

During the artist talks photography scholar Jan Kirkham spoke about the difficult decision he faced deciding which of his passions to pursue at University. With a love for sports and photography, Jan has found a balance at Bath, studying Sports & Social Sciences, being a part of the Arts Scholarship programme, as well as working as a photographer with brands he admires such as Nike.

The arts scholarship has helped me continue the path as a creative and pursue my dreamsJan Kirkham, BA (Hons) Sport & Social Sciences

For many of our Arts Scholars, their creative pursuits and the courses they study interlink, with compelling results, amplifying their abilities in impressive and surprising ways. For others their chosen art form acts as a therapy, an escapism from their academic studies. Yet for all, whether they consider their pursuit work or play – their skills, commitment and dedication shines through.

I find that there’s a link between Psychology and the characterisation side of musical theatre: being able to understand the complexities of the human mind and what drives decision making is imperative in performing realistically as a character.Roya Gharbi, BSc (Hons) Psychology

The event was truly a celebration of the arts, with visual arts from painting to photography, music from classical to jazz, and presentations of devised theatre, ballet, and Latin and ballroom dancing. Each year a talented arts group at the University are invited to perform with the scholars and for 2019’s showcase we welcomed DanceSoc, impressing the audience with their jazz and ballet performances.

This year’s scholarship programme focused on cross-artform collaborations, giving visual artists the opportunities to work with musicians, and dancers the chance to choreograph to live music. The outcomes included a newly composed piece from pianist Aitor Garcia-Ruiz in response to fellow scholar Pearson Brown’s oil painting on glass, and Latin and Ballroom performances by scholar Dominic Macias and partner Yiping Sun, performed to live music for the first time.

After experiencing the impressive skills of this year’s scholars we look forward to seeing how creativity impacts their lives in the future, some already hatching plans on how their studies and arts can combine in fascinating ways.

I’m interested in the capacity of the arts to convey information emotionally. I hope to combine my artistic and academic interests to develop a piece of verbatim theatre based on my own research.Annayah Prosser, MRes Sustainable Futures

Arts Scholars

Thank you to our Arts Scholars and supporting artists:
Aitor Garcia-Ruiz, Piano – PhD Research Programme Physics
Andrés Lopez Moreno, Classical Guitar – MSci (Hons) Mathematics and Physics
Annayah Prosser, Performing Arts – MRes Sustainable Futures
Bas Lodewijks, Saxophone – PhD Research Programme in Statistics
Catrina Pietralla, Violin – BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences
Damon Protopapa, Drums – MEng (Hons) Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Demetris Ioakim, Voice – BSc (Hons) Mathematics
Dominic Macias, Latin & Ballroom – PhD Research Programme in Chemistry
Eléna Gomez Ochoa, Ballet – BSc (Hons) International Management
Florence Merrett, Musical Theatre – MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering
Jan Kirkham, Photography – BA (Hons) Sport & Social Sciences
Leah Garrad, Photography – BSc (Hons) Sociology
Maria Carnarius, Piano – MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
Pearson Brown, Visual Arts – BSc (Hons) Architecture
Roya Gharbi, Musical Theatre – BSc (Hons) Psychology
Taalia Morgan, Cello – BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences with Professional Placement
Theresa Allsopp, Flute – BA (Hons) Modern Languages and European Studies (German and ab initio Italian)
Yunfeng (Leo) Shi, Piano – MMath Mathematics

Arts Scholarship Donors

Thank you to our Arts Scholarship Donors for their generous support:
Elly Williams, Grace McQuaid, Margaret Dewey, Nick Berry, Santander, Dorothy Walters-Godfree

Our scholarships wouldn’t be possible without our donors, giving students the opportunities to pursue their creative interests further. These donations give students the chance to develop their knowledge, receive mentoring, and performance or exhibition opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming an Arts Scholarship Donor please contact Stephanie Lear, Head of Individual Philanthropy, Department of Development and Alumni Relations.

The University’s Arts team provide support for students interested in the arts – through the Scholarship programme, by funding and facilitating the student led arts community, and running classes in music, dance and life drawing. Whilst for some students this is an opportunity to continue a life-long passion for others it is the prospect of trying something new. Find our more about arts for students.