The Edge is sad to announce the death of Hannily Bendell

The Edge and University of Bath are deeply saddened to announce the death of Hannily Bendell.

Hannily was an incredibly talented dancer who taught both ballet and contemporary dance at The Edge for many years. Her classes supported numerous individuals to develop their abilities and passion for dance, with many students and staff from the University included amongst them. She taught with us up until summer 2017 when she was diagnosed with cancer, yet continued to share her wisdom, supporting dance initiatives in the area through Bath Dance, and working on projects embracing health and well-being through dance.

Jamie Eastman, Director of Arts said “Hannily was a kind and caring individual who had such a positive impact on so many, including the staff at The Edge and those she taught here, she will be sorely missed.”

We know that Hannily Bendell’s death will affect many and a range of support is available for our students and staff:

We have received details on Hannily Bendell’s funeral, if you were taught by Hannily and would like to enquire about these details please email Sophie at