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Creative Edge celebrates the importance of creativity, providing a platform for students and academics to discover, listen and take part in conversations that highlight the benefit of having a ‘creative edge’.


This podcast explores similarities and disparities in the meeting of arts and research. We invite guests who demonstrate connections between arts and academic interests; researchers who believe creativity is a tool to share their work, artists who collaborate with scientists, and those who engage with arts and ‘research with creativity’ as a spectator or participant.

“What I find really important is connecting a science topic to a human element, so that people can understand or engage with a work without necessarily knowing anything about the science subject itself.” -Emily Brown

Joined by dancer, choreographer, and Artistic Director of Forged Line Dance Company Emily Brown and psychology student and Arts Scholar at the University of Bath, Sofia Kotlarz, we discuss how dance and theatre can effectively encourage us to look at our impact on the environment.

“I think it’s really interesting to bring art and science together to open out a conversation around a material or methodology.” -Olivia Jones

We spoke to Olivia Jones, a visual artist based at Spike Island; Pollyanna Burnett-Harris, Arts Scholar and Biology student at the University of Bath; and Jeremy Boyle, also a Biology student at the University of Bath to unearth how ceramics can be used as a tool to communicate scientific research.

“It’s a three-way conversation. So that the researchers are saying what you want to know and the audience are asking what can you tell us, and we’re saying what ways can we find to tell that story?” -Oliver Langdon

We delve into the world of theatre online and offline with Annayah Prosser and Oliver Langdon. Annayah is currently doing a PhD Research Programme in Psychology and was an Arts Scholar at The Edge during 2018-2019. Olly is Artistic Director of Kilter Theatre Company, alongside Director Caroline Garland.

“I definitely think there’s a symbiotic relationship between the disciplines. Science can obviously give artists a subject and platform of expression. And in turn, I feel art revives the curiosity about the research from a kind of outsider’s perspective.” -Priya Odedra

We’re joined by artist and first-place winner of our Visions of Science Art Prize 2020, Priya Odedra and Visions of Science judge, illustrator, medical writer and University of Bath alumna of Developmental Biology, Nina Chhita to discuss the prize and the merging of arts and science.

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