Pearson Brown

I like music, photography and architecture. I hope to combine these three hobbies into a single creative profession in the future.

Pearson Brown is studying BSc (hons) Architecture at the University of Bath and has been selected as an Arts Scholar for 2018-19. Pearson shares the three major artistic projects he is working on, how music greatly inspires his creative expression, and what he’s working on ahead of Platform, the annual scholarship showcase.

What is your background in your chosen art form?

I have always loved architecture and have always been hideously perfectionist in anything creative I have indulged in. I guess it was through formal education that I found these two attributes combined well to form a style which, while appearing frustrating, is interesting. I have naturally drifted from art form to art form but, I have always stayed true to a deep love of minimalism and classical beauty.

What are you working on ahead of Platform?

I am currently working on three major artistic works. The first is a magazine called ‘Lime’ which I aim to get published in the next two or three years. I am currently working on getting the 2018 edition finished and printed. Besides my photography work, I am also working on several large oil paintings. I paint large cityscapes on glass using a knife and oil paint. I am currently working on a short three-piece series of paintings depicting monochromatic Bath. Finally, and more broadly, I am working on photography. I am developing prints to display at the Platform 2019 event and spend a lot of time travelling to places to take photographs. 

If you are collaborating with other students tell us a bit about the process and how it’s going?

In my photography magazine I am working with other students on trips to various cities like London and Venice. I am constantly seeing other styles and considering how I could merge my aesthetic with theirs in a bid to create a more well-rounded style. I am really enjoying seeing such contrasting styles from artists of all different mediums and trying to take inspiration from them. I am always looking to work with other artists – irrespective of the medium – providing they are looking for similar things from their art.

Do you find any links between your creativity and your course?

Yes, absolutely. I love my architectural course because it is just another avenue of creativity to explore. I want to create architecture which affects people more than by simply looking nice, but instead creating places of thought and reason.

What/Who inspires, influences or drives you?

While my artistic medium is entirely visual, I definitely take the greatest inspiration from musicians. I like Lana del Rey. I also like late night trap music. I like what J.Cole and Jean Michel Basquiat stand for. I have strong diverging artistic influences which I would like to draw together into my own unique style in the next few years. I like Pulp Fiction, darkness and sarcasm, and hope these influences are somewhat evident in my work.

Do you have any other creative pursuits?

I like music, photography and architecture. I hope to combine these three hobbies into a single creative profession in the future. I want to create a brand which focuses on articulating beauty, and reminding people of the beauty in life.

We’d like to thank Santander for the generous support for this Arts Scholarship.

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