Robert Anton inspired figurines

IMAGE Peer-led museums group

During August and September, the group met over three sessions to create their own responses to the work of American puppeteer Robert Anton (1949-84). They worked with Bristol based puppeteer Amy Lloyd-Jones to create figureheads out of modelling clay, beads, shells and fabric. The resulting figurines were displayed in our foyer during Oct-Dec 2019. 

The group (IMAGE) is part of the Pathways to Wellbeing project, a museum-based community engagement programme led by The Holburne Museum, with art at its heart. Find out more about the project here

The Theatre of Robert Anton
Andrew Brownsword Gallery, The Edge
25 Jul-4 Sep 2019

Anton’s theatre spellbound and mesmerised his audiences. His exquisite figurines were meticulously sculpted, no larger than a thumb. His extraordinary miniature plays quickly reached cult status upon his arrival in New York in 1970 and yet his theatre remained one of the city’s best-kept secrets. He allowed a maximum of 18 people to see his plays and he vehemently denied any documentation of the performances. The intimacy of his theatre was to be experienced in person and nothing else, any mediation would have broken the magic circle.