Edge Arts Community

Be part of something bigger

The Edge Arts team are delighted to launch the Edge Arts Community; created exclusively for University of Bath students.

We want to generate a community of people who love the arts on campus. A community that will work together to create relevant and high quality opportunities for our students to perform, write, compose, create, and more. The Edge Arts Community or EAC aims to enable collaboration across all arts activity on campus and inspire a greater enthusiasm for creativity.

In our pilot year any University of Bath student can join the EDGE ARTS COMMUNITY for FREE. By signing up to be part of the community you will be part of something special.

  • You’ll be kept updated about arts events and news happening at The Edge, in Bath and across the region
  • You’ll receive the discounted student rate for our classes, workshops and events
  • You will be invited to special EAC events where you will meet like-minded people, peers and creative professionals
  • You’ll be offered mentoring opportunities with Edge Arts staff and external artists to provide career development opportunities.
  • You could be part of an EAC Advisory Board which works closely with the Edge Arts team to programme future work and events

You can join the Edge Arts Community by visiting The Edge Box Office, or for more information please contact edge-community@bath.ac.uk

Exclusive EAC tote bags are also available to buy from The Edge box office.


We’re very excited to announce we’ve just recruited our first EAC Advisory Board. The board will be making decisions about the future of the EAC, planning events, opportunities and the strategic direction of the Edge Arts Community. It’s an exciting time to be part of this new scheme which aims to inspire and enable more creativity across campus. Our EAC Board members will benefit from additional development opportunities and they’ll make the decisions about what and how the EAC can provide a more creative culture for our students.

Our EAC Advisory Board members are:

Mallika Arya , Jasmine Chu, Monica Cox, Maddi Gomez-Iradi, Sam Lamont, Catelyn Liao, Xue Ling, Alastair Marsh, and Izzy Tenison-Collins

Thank you to everyone that applied and please keep an eye out for future opportunities to join the board.