Music Practice Cards

Music Cards 2017-2018:
The Edge has a selection of music rooms which can be used by University of Bath students and staff by purchasing one of our music cards at The Edge Box Office.

  Access to all practice rooms, upright pianos and practice drum kit until 04/06/18.

PLATINUM // £15 PER YEAR  Access to all practice rooms, upright pianos, practice drum kit and grand pianos until 04/06/18. Students or Staff who would like to become a Platinum card holder are required to audition or show evidence of Grade 8 in piano.

SUMMER CARD// £5  Gold level access and Platinum level access from 01/08/18 to 22/09/18

HOW TO USE YOUR PRACTICE CARD  Each card holder can book one hours practice per day in The Edge, with a selection of rooms suitable for individual and group rehearsals. Bookings start at quarter past the hour and can be booked at The Edge Box Office, by emailing or by calling 01225386777.

Music Practice Room opening hours
Mon – Fri 9.15am -10.15pm// Sat 10.15am – 8.15pm// Sun 10.15am – 6.15pm