Music Lesson Information

Edge Arts Music provide a range of on-campus and off campus instrument and vocal tuition. The teachers are all professionals in their field and it is possible to organise exams (including diplomas) independently in association with your teacher. Note exam fees are not covered by tuition fees. Lessons (both on campus and off campus) are in 8 week blocks and take place during semester’s 1 and 2 each academic year.

Details of lesson type are available from our website and lessons go on sale two weeks before they begin. With 8 weeks of tuition offered at a cost of £184 please note the fees are subsidised by the university. If you are in receipt of a Bath Bursary, you may be eligible for a tuition award? Some of our tuition awards are also available to non-Bath bursary students.

Note: Edge Arts do not provide saxophone lessons but recommend Blowout Sax in Bath for this type of tuition.

Autumn tuition live sales date 02 Oct 2017 at 10:00// First lesson week beginning 16 Oct// Last week beginning 04 Dec 2017// Reserve week (for when tuition has not taken place) week beginning  11 Dec 2017

Spring tuition live sales date 05 Feb 2018 at 10:00 // First lesson week beginning 19 Feb 2018// Last lesson week beginning 09 April18// Reserve week (for when tuition has not taken place) week beginning 16 April 2017.

Please note music lessons are not available to the public. But our music classes are up and running at the same time as tuition! Music Production with Adam Volsen (one half of the Allergies) and Chamber Music class with Robert Hyman (Bath Pump Room Quartet)

Music tuition is very popular, so please book as soon as possible when sales begin to avoid disappointment. You may be eligible for one of our Tuition Awards, Scholarships or Student Development Funds?