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Barre Fluid

- Dance StudioThursdays  ·  12.30-1.30pm  ·  £6

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Excellent knowledgeable teacher and a great space. I would highly recommend.

Tone your body with ballet conditioning techniques led by experienced tutor and dancer Tamsyn Butt.



This enjoyable and motivating class is suitable for those with ballet experience as well as total beginners.

Based on Port de Barre’s signature Barre Fluid class, Barre Fluid Fitness uses movements similar to those used in ballet conditioning which sculpts the body, by toning and strengthening. The workout is minimal impact but has the capacity to burn fat, just like a high intensity work out. Small isometric movements are performed which fire up the muscle, making it more elastic, and encouraging length, without building bulk. The muscles tense without changing length and then are stretched intermittently which again, is conceptually like dance training. The overall result is an all-over body workout which tones the thighs and arms, flattens the stomach and lifts the bottom – ultimately working towards the appearance of a lean dancer’s physique. The workout is continuous and incorporates a warm-up, barre section, core work on the floor and a stretch to cool down. In each class participants receive maximum correction to specifically target posture and alignment, strength, coordination, and flexibility.


Tamsyn Butt has worked as a professional dancer and dance teacher for over 19 years. She was co-founder and artistic director of XS Dance Theatre (2001-2008) and has also been involved in commercial dance choreography for TV production. She has a BA (Hons) in Dance, a PGCE in Dance Teaching from the Royal Academy of Dance, a Dance Diploma from London Contemporary Dance School and an MA in Dance Theatre from Trinity Laban Conservatoire. Parallel to her performance work, Tamsyn’s teaching career has been as Head of Dance at secondary level and Dance Lecturer at FE level. She has also taught contemporary dance technique at Danceworks and The Place, London. Tamsyn is currently proposing her practice research PhD and is founder and director of Port de Barre, a Bath-based company specialising in dance, fitness, and wellbeing.


Wear loose comfortable clothes and ballet shoes, barre socks or go bare foot.


Thursdays  ·  12.30-1.30pm  ·  £6
Booking online required.

You are welcome to book up until 10 minutes before the class starts.

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This class is part of our Wellbeing Programme

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