Bath School of Dance: Contemporary Dance

- Dance Studio9.30-10.30am

Encourages versatility in dance technique and expression.


This hour-long class is aimed at girls and boys aged 8-18.  Our contemporary class not only encourages our ballet dancers to be versatile but is also the perfect way to start the weekend, giving students the chance to let go, feel the music and simply enjoy movement.

No prior experience is needed.


☆ Develops coordination and balance
☆ Make new friends
☆ Makes children smile
☆ Unleashes creativity


What to wear
Fitted and comfortable clothing should be worn, with bare feet.


To book –

Email or visit 

£15 initial enrolment/annual membership fee.  £6.50 per class paid termly.  Discounts are available on 2+ classes attended per student or for siblings attending 2+ classes.

The School
Bath School of Dance offers classes in classical ballet, contemporary dance and more. From those who want to dance purely for the enjoyment through to those with specific dance ambitions for the future, we provide a nurturing and inspiring environment for girls and boys of all levels and ages.

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