Lunchtime Yoga

Freedom Flow with Lana

- Dance StudioWednesdays  ·  12-12.45pm  ·  £6

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Enjoy a unique yoga session, providing a relaxing time out to leave you feeling motivated and balanced.


This class is a perfect balance of Yang and Yin. Combining breath work, strength postures, moving into a balanced flow and finishing with relaxation and meditation. Utilising a mixture of Yoga styles, including Forrest, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, this practice is unique, wholesome and healing.

A range of difficulties are offered throughout each session, offering each student individual options. Making this a great class for both beginners and more advanced yoga practitioners.


Lana is half British and half New Zealander and comes from an academic and physical sporting background. Completing a Bachelor in Sport & Recreation, Diploma in Exercise Science, Post Graduate Study in Strength & Conditioning and Body Work has allowed Lana to work as a Personal Trainer, Coach and within the sports sector of New Zealand. Whilst pursuing her own sports goals and competing for New Zealand in cycling and long-distance triathlon, she came to yoga looking for healing and restoration, after pushing her body too hard, burning out and having serious injuries, including spinal surgery. She has experience in Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra and has just qualified as a Forrest Yoga Level 1 Teacher.

Lana approaches yoga from a healing perspective, seeing the magic of holding an open, non-judgemental and safe space for students to move within. Offering a well-structured practice connects the physical body, mind, emotional and spiritual self. She believes that Yoga has the power to change lives and aims to offer a practice that anyone can be a part of, through intention, planning, and community – yoga can offer so much both on and off the mat.


Wear loose comfortable clothes. Yoga is done with bare feet.
*Please bring a mat and something to wear/a blanket for the relaxation at the end. Limited mats will be available on the day.


Wednesdays ·  12-12.45pm  ·  £6
Booking online required.

You are welcome to book up until 10 minutes before the class starts.

***Try before you buy and book our free session on 2 Oct***


This class is part of our Wellbeing Programme

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