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Including contributions from creatives, tradespersons, academics, conservationists and local residents Know-How celebrates the importance of sharing and applying knowledge in our society. The exhibition features an active learning zone, resource room, screening room and lecture hall, unfolding through a unique schedule of events as a live or participatory experience. Activities showcase the wealth of practical and transferable knowledge held by communities in the region. Know-How offers skill-sharing sessions in bee-keeping, plumbing, gardening, sustainable living and design as well as discoverable insights into the natural world, social history, science, technology and the human body.

For five weeks, The Edge galleries are home to numerous free talks, demonstrations, lectures, workshops and events where ‘know-how’ is shared between individuals and communities. Events are aimed at those with a fondness for self–improvement; and interest in learning new practical skills. Those who hold environmental concerns are also catered for. Proceedings kick start The Edge’s contributions to the University of Bath’s 50th anniversary and take inspiration from the 500th anniversary of Sir Thomas More’s 1516 text Utopia in which the writer depicts a civilization who adopt a communality of possessions.

Contributing artists/collectives to Know-How include Avant Gardening, Emma Smith, Gayle Chong Kwan, Sandra Porter, Sovay Berriman, Vulpes Vulpes, LOW PROFILE and multi–disciplinary design practice The DecoratorsWill Shannon contributes elements of exhibition design.

LOW PROFILE present Survival Shelf as part of Know-How 
Survival Shelf is an eclectic and ever expanding library of pre-owned books that somehow incorporate the word ‘survive’ in their titles. Compiled through hours of scouring charity shops and ebay, the books range from classic guides on surviving disasters, to advice on heartbreak, DIY, school exams and mental health. Survival Shelf is on display in the Resource Room (Gallery 2).


ATTEND AN EVENT: During Know-How we have free events for everyone listed here with creative, informative practical sessions for all ages. Experience our Knowledge Cabaret or soak up the wealth of skills and ‘know-how’ of local residents with our ‘How-To’ series We also have an academic gathering on the future of human habitation (Oct 14) and events throughout Global Climate Change Week (11–15 Oct). Come along and learn something new

USE OUR SPACE FREE OF CHARGE & SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE: During Know-How, our galleries will be transformed into sites that stimulate action learning. Book them to host your own knowledge-sharing events and/or workshops at no cost.

SOLVE A PROBLEM BY INCREASING WHAT YOU KNOW: If you’re local to he Bath & North East Somerset region and have a question or a new skill you’d like to learn and at least four friends or neighbours who share the same conundrum, get in touch and we’ll aim to help you with it by bringing in an expert

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