Tavaziva Dance: Africarmen

Edge Theatre

Through a synthesis of ballet, contemporary and African dance, Bawren Tavaziva’s interpretation of the Carmen story is strikingly powerful, sensual and beautifully performed by six stunning dancers. The specially commissioned original sound track is composed and arranged by Fayyaz Virji of the Warriors International.

Played out through the entanglement of desire, deceit and corruption in an African township where military corruption is rife, Carmen dangerously and defiantly ignores all warnings in the perusal of a better life but tragedy follows her like a shadow in hot sun.

Join us for a post-show discussion with company director, Bawren Tavaziva.

Click for Africarmen trailer or Tavaziva Dance website

Recommended for ages 12+

Co-presented with BATH DANCE


Edge Arts are offering a half-day professional dance workshop with Tavaziva company dancers, Anna Watkins and Lisa Rowley on Sun 2 April.