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The Edge: After Hours

The EdgeAndrew Brownsword Gallery

We are pleased to invite you to a free evening of music and creativity, The Edge: After Hours


Join us for a late opening to celebrate our new exhibition Mariner: A painted ship upon a painted ocean. Taking inspiration from a range of international and South West based artists working across film, photography, installation and sculpture, this After Hours event will explore ideas around ecology, the environment, migration and displacement.

The evening will include an array of music, art, discussion, film and workshops –

  • ★ Pop-up poetry performances in the gallery inspired by works in the exhibition, which will be performed by local poets
  • ★ Workshops exploring collective collage – create your own site-specific work in The Edge with others
  • ★ Exhibition tours
  • ★ Curated playlists

After Hours is the perfect way to enjoy a slice of culture and after-work drinks with friends and colleagues.

A place to share with friends. A space to relax and learn. With the busy pace of life, galleries can help you take time out. Whether you’re looking for an oasis of calm or an array of new ideas, visiting more regularly can have a positive impact on wellbeing.Art Fund


Visual Arts

Mariner: A painted ship upon a painted ocean

- The EdgeAndrew Brownsword Gallery
Mariner looks at what connects us across history and the present.