Architecture Degree Show 2016

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The annual Architecture Degree Show is presented at The Edge throughout June, before transferring to London.


Two exhibitions by BSc and Masters Architecture students at the University of Bath

Pelagos & Borders
Design projects by fourth year students

The fourth year at Bath comprises of two projects. The first, entitled Pelagos was situated on the Isle of Portland and students were free to interpret this theme through an architectural programme that included a museum of the sea, a grandstand for sailing events and a structure in the sea.

In the second semester the theme was ‘Borders’ and to this end students developed their own individual brief and chose their own sites within the town of Chepstow, the Wye Valley and Tintern. The eclectic range of responses for many involved an enquiry into the nature of The Picturesque on account of the sublime landscapes (and ruins) in which many of the schemes are set.

Master of Architecture Programme
Sustainable Cities
Urban and building design projects by final year students

Students worked in groups to prepare urban design proposals based in a European city of their choice. Each student then prepared their final individual project within this urban context. Design proposals are exhibited for six cities: Porto, Valencia, Palermo, Bilbao, Katowice & Athens.