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Art, Research & Creativity at the University of Bath (Symposium)

Weston Studio

Jointly presented by Arts Council England and The Edge join for this special event on Art with Research and Creativity at the University of Bath asking How it’s working now? How might it work in the future?

Free Admission,
Tea/Coffee provided Advance booking required

Collaboration between creative practitioners and researchers in academia frequently leads to professional, societal and cultural advances. Bath’s developing appetite for collaborative working in this area has been accelerated by the creation of art with research hub The Edge – a place for engagement with both forms and participation in artistic/creative endeavour.

In this special event, hosted by DARREN HENLEY, Chief Executive of Arts Council England and JAMIE EASTMAN, Director of Arts at the University of Bath we sample recent UoB accomplishments, look ahead to upcoming collaborations and ask Where next for The Edge and for the wider landscape of working between HE based scientists, social scientists, and engineers and professional artists and culture makers?

This event is aimed at anyone at any stage in their research career who holds an interest in working with creative professionals based in England or already does so. It also encourages creatives from the region and beyond, interested to learn more about collaborating with researchers at the University of Bath to attend.


12.45 – 1.15pm
Tea and Coffee served

PROF JONATHAN KNIGHT, Pro-VC (Research), University of Bath

Why Collaborate?
DARREN HENLEY, Chief Executive, Arts Council England

1.30pm – 2.00pm
Why do it? Tales from the field
We hear from UoB based researchers DR SARAH BAILEY (Neuroscience, Dept of Pharmacy & Pharmacology), DR DARREN COSKER (Director of the Centre for Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research & Applications), DR JOHN TROYER (Director of the Centre for Death and Society) and PROF DANAE STANTON FRASER (Leader of Create Lab, Dept of Psychology) all regularly collaborate with artists and creative sector practitioners based in England. Why do they do it, and what does collaboration enable them to achieve that they otherwise couldn’t?

2.00pm – 2.45pm
The Role of the University Art Centre
Since opening in 2015, The University of Bath’s art centre The Edge has actively promoted a public programme of art linked to research and its academic context. Director of Arts, Jamie Eastman leads this session featuring current/recent Edge collaborators and introducing future projects, including JAMES CAPPER (artist), AOWEN JIN (artist), MAT COLLISHAW (artist) and more.

2.45pm – 3pm

3pm – 4.15pm
Where Next?
The last session, looks at how best to support collaboration in the future and where the potential might lie for Bath and nationally – maximising outcomes at societal, economic and human levels.
Chaired by PROF STEVE EGAN Vice-President Implementation, University of Bath with PROF NICK BROOK (Dean of Faculty of Science), DARREN HENLEY (Arts Council England), the SIMON CHAPLIN (Director of Culture & Society, WELLCOME TRUST) ,NICOLA TRISCOTT (Artistic Director, ARTS CATALYST) and PAUL MANNERS (Director, National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement)