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Capturing the landscape with photographer Bill Ward

Art Studio11am - 4.45pm · £65

Join professional photographer Bill Ward for a one-off day workshop that explores the Bath countryside.


Autumn is one of the most inspiring seasons for Landscape Photography.  Using the University of Bath’s campus and surrounding woodland areas, local landscape photographer Bill Ward will embark on a playful exploration of some of the basics of landscape photography: how to use the camera in manual mode, and the creative use of shutter speed and depth of field.  We’ll also be investigating some of the building blocks of composition: how to make the most of those beautiful Autumnal colours, how to choose what to leave out of a frame as well as what to put in it, and how to create order from disorder in a busy woodland environment.

Bill is also an expert in Creative Photography, and for some time now has been exploring the world of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM – the process of deliberately moving the camera whilst taking a photograph), as well as In Camera Multiple Exposures (the process of layering more than 1 frame on top of another in the camera), both of which he finds particularly useful in getting to the “essence” of any given place or time.  It’s also extremely good fun.  If you’re interested in trying something a little bit different, the world of “wobbly camera” technique and how to generate deliberate blur in your photographs, this is the time to have a go!

Using the art studio at The Edge as a base, the day will include plenty of practical help and tuition out and about in the surrounding campus and countryside, with the aim of not only helping you get the most from your camera but also exploring your own creativity.  There will also be a short session covering the basics of Adobe Lightroom software.

Things you will need:
– A DSLR/bridge type camera with lens/lenses
– Neutral density filter (if you have one)
– A tripod (if you have one)
– Remote shutter release (if you have one)
– Spare Camera battery
– Spare memory card(s) (ICM can be quite hit and miss and involves a fair bit of experimenting).
– Sturdy boots/wellies (preferably with ankle support)
– Hat and gloves
– Wet weather gear (just in case!)

Useful information:
– All abilities welcome
– Tea and coffee on arrival from 10.30am
– There will be a break for lunch of approx. 45 minute – refreshments are not included. The cafe will be open to purchase a range of food and drinks, otherwise feel free to bring a packed lunch
– We may postpone and re-arrange if the weather is very bad but we’ll let all participants know with good warning if this is the case

11am-4.45pm (teas and coffees from 10.30am) · £65

Bill Ward is an award-winning photographer (and actor), born and raised in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and now based in Bristol.

He was awarded the Adobe Prize at the 2015 UK Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards.  His work was previously Commended at the 2013 UK Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards, and is frequently shortlisted at the same awards.  He has had over twenty photographs shortlisted at Outdoor Photographer of the Year, and 2 commendations (as well as 2 shortlisted) at Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year.

His work has been exhibited in a number of fine art galleries around the country (inc the Mick Oxley Gallery in Northumberland, Contemporary Six and Wendy J Levy Gallery in Manchester), and has been featured in newspapers, magazines, advertising campaigns, and books.  He uses Pentax cameras, and is proud to be an Ambassador for Pentax Ricoh UK.

His primary photographic subject matter is landscapes, whether natural, urban or industrial.  He is specifically drawn to water. A lifelong traveller, he is particularly interested not just in the places he goes, but the time that he spends in them. It’s this that forms the basis of his work: specifically, how it felt to spend this particular time, with this particular place.

He has for some time now been experimenting with ICM (Intentional Camera Movement – the process of deliberately moving the camera whilst taking a picture) and in-camera Multiple Exposures, both of which he finds can be particularly revealing of the “essence” of any meeting between a person and wherever they happen to be.

Images courtesy of the artist Bill Ward; header ‘Harris Hills’; Below, ‘Leigh Woods’, ‘Mablethorpe’, ‘Twistleton Scar End’, ‘Luskentyre’, ‘Arboretum, Nottingham’, portrait.

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