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How To: Combat Climate Change

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We explain what climate change is and what we’re doing about it right here on your doorstep at the University of Bath, from measuring oceans to low carbon living.

How can gas molecules found in tiny amounts in the atmosphere come to dominate the course of the twenty first century? Explore the fundamentals of the greenhouse effect, climate change and Earth systems and why our brains are hard wired to ignore climate change.

Discover cutting-edge research at Bath into key technologies and our social responses for confronting the largest environmental challenges we face. Climate change is not happening in isolation to the wider changes humanity is exerting on the natural world, all this can feel far away and like it doesn’t ‘belong’ to any one individual – we all have a hundred more pressing issues in day to day life. Do solutions for avoiding catastrophic climate change rest with engineering systems, human philosophies, or at the intersection where these meet?

The good news is that the COP21 agreement in Paris last December was a huge feat of international co-operation. Are we now on the right track, or is warming this century inevitable and the job now to adapt ourselves to a harsher climate in future? We help you cut through the noise and point you to reliable sources of information.

University researchers present the issues, the research they’re undertaking to address them and open out our discussions to the audience.

Join us for a fascinating evening of discussions and debate about a subject which affects us all.

We are delighted to welcome for the evening Dr. Steve Cayzer (Mechanical Engineering / business and innovation, Prof. Philippe Blondel (Physics / oceanic science and ecological change) Alaa Al Khordajie (PhD in Economics/Climate change agreements) Oliver Weber (PhD in Sustainable Chemical Technologies / greenhouse effect and CC science) and Caroline Hickman (Social & Policy Sciences / social response to climate change).