Countless Yellow Chairs

Weston Studio

Countless yellow chairs is a new performance work created and performed by dance maker Laïla Diallo and composer Jules Maxwell.

‘At the heart of it are nine chairs. Both of us and nine chairs. Nine chairs holding in themselves countless possible narratives, sign posts of a moment gone, or of something yet to unfold. They are nine and they are countless.’

‘Over the course of the piece, with us, the chairs become someone alone, they become a conversation, they are witnesses, they are an embrace, they are a memory, they are an imprint, they are bones, they are a forest, they are stacked, they are an aftermath, they are a ballroom, they are resting, they are a row, they are one short, they are held, they hold our weight, they hold our wait, they move, and change and remain nine yellow chairs.’ – Laila Diallo


With this collaboration the artists continue a conversation they began with Hold Everything Dear in 2012, exploring movement and music in live performance to create a work of compelling poetic effect.

Countless Yellow Chairs is supported using public funding by Arts Council England, co-commissioned by Theatre Bristol, University of Baths’ Edge Arts and Bristol Old Vic Ferment/Jerwood Charitable Foundation.


Image Credit: Arno