Student Programme

Bitsy Gaming Workshop


In this workshop we will be looking at the free web-based tool Bitsy, learning how to create small, simple games within it.


After an introduction, you will be given time to experiment with creating a game, story or world, and then share them together with the group at the end of the workshop. Bitsy is great for making small narrative adventures with a tile-based pixel-art aesthetic, and no knowledge of coding required. It’s designed to accessible for any skill level within game development, including absolute beginners, and for making a short game within a few hours.

This workshop will be run through a Zoom meeting, once you have signed up we will email you all the details you need for the session.

These workshops are programmed to benefit the creative development of the students of the University of Bath and are capped at 20 capacity to allow for interaction and conversation between the facilitator and the participants. Please only book if you are a student at the University of Bath and can make the time and date advertised. If your plans change and you’re unable to attend, please let us know so we can release your space.

Claire Morwood is a self-taught programmer, artist and game designer. She works freelance as well as on her own personal projects and has a number of creative interests including pixel art, claymation, programming and developing in Unity.

She is particularly interested in games that promote exploration, personal and diverse narratives, and non-violence. She is also a big fan of small tools such as Bitsy, and their accessible nature. She has run several events and game jams (such as Fuse Jam), which aim to provide open creative spaces for people to play and collaborate.

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