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EAC Book Club


If you love literature why not join our friendly and casual Virtual Book club? Where you can meet like-minded people and discuss novels you have been reading


This Book Club is facilitated by University of Bath Students, who lead the discussion via an online Zoom meeting.. Once you have signed up we will send you all the details on how to access the meeting.

Upcoming Books

The Spy who Came in from the Cold by John le Carré

Sat 13 Jun, 2pm

Alec Leamas is tired. It’s the 1960s, he’s been out in the cold for years, spying in the shadow of the Berlin Wall for his British masters. Now Control wants to bring him in at last – but only after one final assignment. He must travel deep into the heart of Communist Germany and betray his country, a job that he will do with his usual cynical professionalism. But when George Smiley tries to help a young woman Leamas has befriended, it may prove the worst thing he could ever have done.


The Stranger by Albert Camus
Sat 11 July, 2pm

With the force of a parable and the excitement of a perfectly executed thriller, The Stranger is the work of one of the most engaged and intellectually alert writers of the past century.

Albert Camus’s spare, laconic masterpiece about a Frenchman who murders an Arab in Algeria is famous for having diagnosed, with an almost scientific clarity, that condition of reckless alienation and spiritual exhaustion that characterized so much of twentieth-century life.

Where to get your book

If you are currently based in Bath or have an address in the city you can become a member of the Bath and North East Somerset Library Once you are a member you will have access to hundreds of free books via their Cloud Library including all the books we will be selecting for the Virtual Book Club! If you are not a Bath resident have a look at your local library as they may have a similar service.

If you prefer physical books you can check out some second-hand book suppliers who might have some good offers, such as Abebooks. 

There is also a pdf version of The Stranger available online for you to access.

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