Student Programme

Edge Arts Community Virtual Book Club


Got more time to spare on weekends and wondering how to spend it? Good news! The Virtual Book Club has launched!


Each couple of weeks, we’ll pick a title, read along and then get together (virtually of course!) to discuss it.
Our first book will be: The Book Thief by Australian Author Markus Zusak.

An international bestseller which was also adapted into a feature film, this book tells the story of a young girl growing up in Nazi Germany with her foster parents. After a cruel start to life, Liesel steals a book as an act of rebellion, and, with the help of her foster father she learns to read. As the Nazi rule tightens its grip on Germany, Liesel must learn to navigate hunger, loss, and keeping the most important secret of her life. Her story, and those of the people she meets, are narrated by Death, and in a colourful and playful style which makes for easy reading.

We will be posting on the Edge Arts Community Facebook page where you can take part in some lively discussions or sign up to join us for an informal Zoom meeting.

Once you have signed up we will send you an email will all the details on how the video chat will take place.


Where to get your book

If you are currently based in Bath or have an address in the city you can become a member of the Bath and North East Somerset Library

Once you are a member you will have access to hundreds of free books via their Cloud Library including all the books we will be selecting for the Virtual Book Club!

If you are not a Bath resident have a look at your local library as they may have a similar service.

If you prefer physical books you can check out some second-hand book suppliers who might have some good offers, such as Abebooks. 

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