Special Events

Gang Days Walk

The Edge

Vulpes Vulpes will lead a performative walk along a section of the University of Bath boundary lines. Inspired by an old custom Beating the Bounds – dating back to medieval times whereby a group of old and young people of the community would walk the parish boundaries, beating it with birch or willow to determine the territory and share the knowledge of the land. They would also bump the heads of the boys of the community on each of the boundary stones in an attempt to make them remember.

The walk will end with a picnic on the green at The Edge and a chance to see the installation Gang Days by Vulpes Vulpes, along with a display of their findings during the two-month residency.

This is a FREE family friendly event although sections of the walk are unsuitable for buggies. Please book your space as places are limited and bring your own picnic and suitable footwear for walk.

Meet in The Edge foyer from 5.20pm


Image: Bushy Norwood, photo by Carla Wright