How: Not To Lose The Plot

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Vegmead began life in 2011 when Bath Parks gave over a neglected flowerbed in Hedgemead Park to Transition Bath who transformed the space into a wonderful vegetable and fruit plot.

Over the past 5 years Vegmead has been maintained by local residents and students from the University of Bath who have collectively given hundreds of volunteer hours to the project. Vegmead volunteers are now a constituted group, Vegmead Community Group, with the objective of continuing to build community engagement in the space and use its very visible position to signpost other fantastic food growing projects in and around Bath.

Their three key aims are:

  • To grow organic fruit & vegetables for use by the local community and visitors to Hedgemead Park
  • To encourage community engagement with the space through creation and promotion of volunteering opportunities and events
  • To work in partnership with other groups and organisations in Bath to foster a collaborative approach to challenging our unsustainable industrialised food system

Vegmead Community Group are joining our Know-How exhibition on Thursday 20th October along with Avant-Gardening and local Beekeepers, offering workshops and talks on community growing. BOOK YOUR FREE PLACE HERE.

Watch Vegmead in action – This video is also on show as part of our video exhibition in Know-How.