Kiln House

- Gallery 1

Kiln House was commissioned in 2012 as one of five works included in the Jerwood Makers Open. It is in short a workshop for an inner city potter. The potter’s raw material is clay sourced from under London streets and their wares form an integral part of the architecture they inhabit. The small workspace houses pottery tools and a gas fired kiln, making it fully equipped to process local raw clays into utilitarian wares.

Paying homage to the notion of the pioneer potter this amateur craftsman has shaped his workplace from the ground up. He explores what local means living and working in the city. Sourcing clay from basement extensions and building site groundworks his raw material is a genuine bi-product of inner-city development. He imagines how his growing craft skill could furnish homes with domestic wares sourced and made locally. In parallel to his burgeoning trade excess clay and kiln space is utilized to produce simple tiles to slowly weather proof his workplace. Exhibited inside Kiln House are examples of London clay pots. A simple press moulded collection that are intended to promote a more open source democratic approach to craft and inspire the everyman potter in all of us.

Will Shannon combines the role of maker, architect, designer and artist. His work explores themes of sustainability and questions how, where and why things are made and produced. For each new work or ‘workplace’ Shannon creates a fictional tradesman, making a portable workshop and tools for the character to use.



Alongside the presentation of Kiln House we’ll be running a number of pottery sessions with local practitioners during May and June.

Presented as part of The Know Show

Image: Will Shannon, Kiln House (2012), courtesy of the artist.