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How to: Make a Mobile Allotment

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No space? No knowledge? Looking for new ideas for your allotment? Artist collective Avant-Gardening have some brilliant ideas to share in this hands-on workshop.

Led by the artists themselves, this event will give you an introduction to the MOBIS project and possibilities of creating community gardens in limited urban environments. There will also be a step-by-step workshop to collectively construct and complete one of MOBIS’ ingenious wooden cargo scooters that transports components of the community garden  – in this case it will be used for the new Foxhill Estate in Bath.

MOBIS The Mobile Oasis is a collaboration between Avant Gardening and artist Lisa Cheung. It consists of oversized scooters to move components around housing estates/communal spaces to make mini allotments that residents will be invited to plant and tend.  The oasis collects rainwater and also acts as a hub where workshops are held, mini allotments are displayed and the residents/gardeners come together to share and research information, share seeds and seedlings and take part in community focused activities.  More here.


We are joined by Sean Kennedy and Ian Phillips, keen beekeepers who will be sharing their knowledge on keeping bees and what plants to grow in your allotment which are bee friendly. Come and see their wonderful beehive and talk on this evening.


Along with other members of our community, Vegmead Bath will be here to tell you more about their organisation and how you can grow your own veg in your garden or local area.