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What Makes Great Architecture? The People's Debate

The Edge

Join us for this special debate. Have your say about what make’s architecture great? All ages and views welcome

Beauty, sustainability, functionality, audacity, sense of place; what are the essential ingredients that make great architecture? All ages, all citizens are encouraged to participate in this final lively debate of Festival of the Future City 2017. Moderated by Architecture Is… a collective keen to ‘get the conversation going’ about architecture in the region.

Special guest speakers include include ROMA AGRAWAL, the engineer on The Shard, Britain’s tallest building and a symbol of global architectural ambition, STUART WOOD Group Leader from Heatherwick Studio who looks after Vessel, a new kind of public landmark, currently under construction in New York, and 2015 Turner Prize winners ASSEMBLE, the architecture and design collective whose work re-imagines place-making with urban communities.


Anna Minton on ‘What Makes Great Architecture’

Alison Brooks on ‘What Makes Great Architecture’

Part of Festival of the Future City Bath


Image credit: Antwerp Port Authority HQ, Zaha Hadid Architects

Presented by The Edge, Architecture Is… & Modern Culture in association with Bristol Festival of Ideas