Market Factory

- Gallery 1

Commissioned by Craftspace and Mac Birmingham for the exhibition The Closet Craftsman, Market Factory is a mobile workshop for the production of chairs. The workplace is based on a standard market stall pitch, it is a basic workspace that houses the tools and materials for a day’s work producing chairs. Designed to be erected as you would a conventional market stall it proposes the use of the market place as a more industrious creative workplace. The work is a story about the chair and is an exercise in the design of a process that has flexibility to evolve to meet design whims, customer needs and the challenges of modern craft production.

Inspired by the Bodgers of the past who lived a power free existence in the Buckinghamshire woodlands. Their lifestyle is in part  overlaid onto contemporary inner city life and is presented as a power free handmade micro industry. The work is part of a continuous search to find inner city spaces to make. Exhibited alongside is an evolving collection of market factory made chairs.

Will Shannon combines the role of maker, architect, designer and artist. His work explores themes of sustainability and questions how, where and why things are made and produced. For each new work or ‘workplace’ Shannon creates a fictional tradesman, making a portable workshop and tools for the character to use.



Alongside the presentation of Market Factory we’ll be running a number chair making sessions during May and June.

Presented as part of The Know Show

Image: Will Shannon, Market Place (2014), courtesy of the artist.