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How To: (And How Not To) Save The Planet

Edge Theatre

Presented by the University of Bath’s Institute for Policy Research (IPR) and Department of Economics Lenfest-Earth Institute Professor of Natural Resource Economics and eminent political scientist  Professor Scott Barrett speaks about his particular area of expertise: international cooperation.

Major conferences on climate change are often heralded as humanity’s ‘last chance to save the planet’, and yet these conferences seem to achieve very little. In this lecture Professor Barrett will explain why these unprecedented diplomatic efforts have failed – and why other projects requiring international cooperation, like protecting the ozone layer and eradicating smallpox, succeeded.

He will argue that when our efforts to ‘save the planet’ fail, the reason isn’t that we haven’t tried hard enough, but rather that we’ve gone about it the wrong way; we’ve asked countries to do what they are not good at, when we should have asked them to do what they are good at. Once this difference is recognised, he will contend, it becomes obvious that a change of approach is required if stronger, better and more effective international agreements are to be negotiated.