Planet of Snail

Weston Studio

He is deaf-blind; she is no taller than his waist; they communicate through tapping fingers (finger braille). And what communication it is! Whether changing a light bulb (an extraordinary act of teamwork), exploring the sensation of rain, hugging trees or writing plays about their world, these two halves of one soul seem to be living every day, every hour, every moment to the full. Profound insight into what it means to be human.

Our post-show talk brings together one of the UK’s leading documentary cinematographers Roger Chapman and Dr Dave Brown, an experimental psychologist in the Crossmodal Cognition Lab at the University of Bath.

Bath-based Roger Chapman is widely recognised for his strength as a classic observational cameraman, but also for his versatility in working across genre, including commercials and television dramas.

Dr Dave Brown has published in numerous scientific journals, given talks at national and international conferences, and interviews for a variety of media outlets. His main focus while researching crossmodal correspondences is on sensory substitution – the provision of visual information via different senses (sound and touch).

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Please note: This screening was previously advertised for Mon 11 April but has changed to Tue 5 April.

£8.50, £6 concs