Pop Science

Science Showoff

Weston Studio

Need a bit more geek in your life but want to get a proper evening’s entertainment at the same time?

Geek comedian Steve Cross hosts some of Bath’s top science, comedy and performance talent in a night of clever chaotic cabaret. Come and see a lineup that will never be repeated, performing in ways you’ve never seen before.

You’re likely to encounter scientists, artists, filmmakers, dancers, musicians and science communicators – in fact anyone with something to show off about science.

Sarah Jones is a geomicrobiologist from London who doesn’t know where her relationship with science is going. Should she break up with science?

Chris Budd explains how set theory can help a mathematician become an ornithologist, and why this would have prevented him from having an embarrassing experience on Radio New Zealand involving the letter K.

Dr Emma Williams takes you on a journey through the techniques of a scammer, highlighting how our automatic responses can be used against us to influence the decisions that we make.

Caroline Hickman shows us (with the help of her real live dog, Murphy) how intervention can improve people’s quality of life. Dogs help Alzheimer’s patients become ‘free of illness’ for a moment as they connect in a loving relationship with dogs. Whilst sometimes people can struggle to remember the names of family members, they often remember the names of resident dogs. It must be love.

Aimee Eckert is a cell biologist from Brighton with a fondness for toilet humour. With that in mind (hers is in the gutter), she will be delving into a topic that we all want to get to the bottom of: The Science of the anus.

Lewis Dean has spent years monkeying around trying to work out how primates learn new skills. He’s not sure what he learned, except that finding a simple evolutionary explanation for any human behaviour is about as likely as finding a chimp clutching a freshly-typed copy of Shakespeare.

Steve Cross is our compere. Once upon a time he was a spectacularly poor lab scientist, then an OK science communicator and for a while a museum and art curator (for Wellcome Collection).

These days he’s a geek comedian, presenter and producer, travelling across the UK helping all sorts of intellectual types share their passions. He also founded Museums Showoff and Bright Club.  He trains clever people to be funny, and has worked with academics, museums professionals, software engineers, architects and lawyers to make comedy part of their lives.

Steve’s hour-long show “How Science Ruined My Life” is always in development.

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£10, £8 concs, £6 students

Not suitable for under 18s.

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Hard science + stand-up = pure laughter