The Bath Field Kitchen

- Gallery 1

Revisiting her 2016 project The Pan Hag, Gayle Chong Kwan invites visitors to congregate in the Bath Field Kitchen, a re-creation of a mess tent set up by the artist on a former Easington Colliery pit site in East Durham. A place where community members shared overlooked traditional skills with each other such as peg looming, woodturning and sea glass collecting and took part in the world’s first ‘Pan Hag Championship’. The Pan Haggerty, a regional version of a potato gratin, inspired Chong Kwan as a strategy for knowledge exchange and trialling ways in which neighbours get to know each other whilst increasing what they know.

Re-creating the Pan Hag tent provides a route for Edge visitors to encounter the knowledge held by fellow Britain’s of the North East whilst offering the opportunity for a set of new social gatherings unique to its Bath location.

Gayle Chong Kwan is a British artist, based in London, whose large-scale photographic, installation, and video work has been exhibited and published widely. Her work highlights the ambiguous relationship between reality, appropriation, fictional mechanisms, and latter day myths. She develops her work through a process which often involves sensory activities, participation, and historical or archaeological inquiry.

During May and June the artist will host a number of activities and workshops to explore food, art and crafts local to Bath and the surrounding areas, which will contribute towards the development of a community mural. More details coming soon.



Presented as part of The Know Show

Image: Gayle Chong Kwan, The Pan Hag (2016), courtesy of the artist