The Know Show

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Imbued with the social practice of the artists involved, The Know Show is a ‘live’ exhibition looking at the ways knowledge is distributed in society. Over five weeks The Edge galleries play host to events and happenings exploring this theme, including interactive exhibits in relational proximity to a programme of events and temporary displays.

Revisiting her 2016 project The Pan Hag, Gayle Chong Kwan invites visitors to congregate in The Bath Field Kitchen, referencing a mess tent set up by the artist on a former Easington Colliery pit site in East Durham where community members shared overlooked traditional skills with each other and took part in the world’s first ‘Pan Hag Championship’. Visitors are invited to sit in the tents and take part in the activities and share their recipes, growing and craft knowledge specific to Bath.

Providing two ‘stations’ alongside Chong Kwan’s installation, maker and craftsman Will Shannon offers visitors the chance to learn how to construct a chair and produce pottery via his Market Factory and Kiln House works. Through such projects Shannon seeks to show how straight forward modern day craft skills are for the layperson to acquire, doing so in tune with modern impulses to act greener and more economical in our trading outlook. At the same time the artist is acting to protect and preserve the essence and importance of making in community life.

Throughout The Know Show the smaller gallery serves as an environment designed to precipitate and contextualise the live events it hosts. This includes associated events from the University of Bath’s research community. The Know Show is a follow up to recent Edge exhibition Know-How, during which communities of Bath together with the University campus community shared knowledge with each other of a practical/applied nature via self-initiated talks, demonstrations and workshops. Exploring the importance and value of generating knowledge in society and the programmes are part of the University of Bath’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, commemorating the founding of the institution in 1966.