The Look of Silence

Edge Theatre

Through Joshua Oppenheimer’s work filming perpetrators of the 1965 Indonesian genocide, a family of survivors discovers how their son was murdered – and the identity of the men who murdered him. The killers live just down the road, and have been in power ever since the genocide. The family’s youngest son, born after the genocide, asks how he can raise his children in a society where survivors are terrorized into silence, and everybody is terrorized into treating the murderers as heroes.

‘A poem about a silence borne of terror – a poem about the necessity of breaking that silence, but also about the trauma that comes when silence is broken. Maybe the film is a monument to silence – a reminder that although we want to move on, look away and think of other things, nothing will make whole what has been broken. Nothing will wake the dead. We must stop, acknowledge the lives destroyed, strain to listen to the silence that follows’ – Joshua Oppenheimer

Directed by Joshua Oppenheimer

This screening will be introduced by researchers of UNREST – Unsettling Remembering and Social Cohesion in Transnation