A Thread

Weston Studio

A THREAD is a delicate but emotional dance work where there is palpable tension in the relationship between the body and the space. When these elements are re-configured there is a total transformation of the space and all individuals within it, where every move alters the balance.

The performance was inspired by renowned Brazilian sculptor Elisa Bracher’s vast sculpture ‘Stopless End Point’ at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro and Jean has worked in close collaboration with Elisa and the metal materials she uses for her sculptures such as lead, steel and aluminium.  The international cast of dancers perform with heavy objects, counterbalanced with lightweight martial-arts poles and sheets of metal to repel and react to the choreographic movement and question the nature of man’s harmony.


Extensive research in China with Balance Arts Centre in Beijing lays at the heart of Jean’s collaboration with Elisa, bringing a Chinese perspective to the concepts of balance, body and visuals to the performance.

Watch an interview and background on the development of ‘A Thread’

Researched & supported by Balance Arts Centre, China, Arts Council England, British Council, Pavillion Dance Bournemouth, Bath Spa University and Lakeside Theatre Colchester

£10, £8 Concs, £6 UoB Students