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Wednesday Spotlight Tour

- The EdgeAndrew Brownsword Gallery

Event Cancelled

Our visitors, students and staff are our top priority and after careful consideration on the growing concerns of coronavirus (COVID-19) we have come to the difficult decision to close our gallery and cancel the spotlight tours. We apologise for any disappointment caused.

Visitors who would like to know the latest regarding visiting The Edge can find our most up to date details on the visit page. For University of Bath advice and guidance regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) please visit the University webpage. You can read the latest advice from Public Health England on their webpages.

Experience free bitesize introductory tours, bringing our exhibitions to life for everybody to enjoy.


If you’d like to discover a little bit more about our exhibition, you can now enjoy a relaxed tour with one of our gallery team.

Coming from a range of creative backgrounds, our tour guides will uncover the themes of the exhibition from their own unique perspective, providing information on the artists and exhibition themes. You’re welcome to ask questions, share your thoughts or simply enjoy learning more about the exhibits.

Our exhibition, Mariner: A painted ship upon a painted ocean, is inspired by one of the most influential poems in the English language, The Rime of The Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834), and looks at what connects us across history and the present, from the desire to travel, to the role of intuition and imagination, the making of mistakes and the process of recovery and redemption through knowledge and understanding.


Spotlight Tours are every Wednesday and every other Saturday and last around 20 minutes


Wednesdays, 12.15pm:  every Wednesday from 29 Jan – 11 Mar
Saturdays, 1.30pm:  1 Feb, 15 Feb, 29 Feb, 14 March


Previews & Talks

Saturday Spotlight Tour

- The EdgeAndrew Brownsword Gallery
Free, bitesize introductory tours on our current exhibition

Special Events

The Edge: After Hours

An evening of music, arts activities and exhibition tours from 5-8pm.

Visual Arts

Mariner: A painted ship upon a painted ocean

- The EdgeAndrew Brownsword Gallery
Mariner looks at what connects us across history and the present.