How To: Work Successfully as a Visual Artist in Community Settings

Gallery 2

Artists Gayle Chong Kwan, Sovay Berriman and Vulpes Vulpes provide differing examples of activities recently undertaken in community settings in order to frame an informal conversation on arts practices that are social in process and informed by the knowledge of local communities. What are the tangible benefits of such projects? Can there be lasting impact to those involved that all would deem positive? What improvements can visual art stimulate during times when local authority spending is reduced? What skills can artists offer in solving social challenges? What attitudes are needed to undertake successful work in or with the community?

In this panel talk and following audience conversation you’ll hear first hand about The Pan Hag, an ongoing project that features Gayle Chong Kwan as the social aggregator ‘The Pan Hag’ facilitating social occasions that ‘celebrate and share memories and skills between different communities and areas’ in East Durham. You’ll also hear from Sovay Berriman, an artist who has learnt a trade and begun a professional plumbing service in a move that actively blurs the boundaries between art and life in West Cornwall. Joining them will be members of the artist collective Vulpes Vulpes, current artists in residence at The Edge whose 2015 work The Blue Project is described as ‘a collaboration between London artists and community groups in Market Place, The Blue, Bermondsey working together over a three month period’.

This event is open to everyone, during which we’d especially like to hear from non-artists and members of the community currently involved in neighbourhood projects that feature visual artists.

FREE ADMISSION: Book in advance using the button provided or sign up on the day